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Reviews for "Phoenix Wrong AAL"


That was funny as hell!

Good flash, but...

Your credits are incorrect. Ballroom blitz is actually by Sweet, an old 50s Rock band. I know, I used to have the cassette to it and I would listen to the album all the time when I was a kid. How my mom got ahold of it, I have no idea.

Not too bad but couldve been better

I love the PW series created by ashford pride, and his are great and some of the tributes ive seen are good as well, Now dont get me wrong this one is good but couldve been better, you couldve added alittle of your own touch in there. But you get an overall 7

Not exactly original but...

You did mention this as a personal tribute...I actually thought that this was one of the original series but then I read you're notes..I like it but it could have been better and you could have made your own personal touch there...

FoxShroomProductions responds:

Fair enough, and I thank you for your input. I'm unsure though how one could add a personal touch.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

LOL wtf!!!

this was umbelievably hillarius i loved the bit when they kept screaming at each other LOL where do you get all those sound effects from? it mustv taken ages!