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Reviews for "Phoenix Wrong AAL"

Good flash, but...

Your credits are incorrect. Ballroom blitz is actually by Sweet, an old 50s Rock band. I know, I used to have the cassette to it and I would listen to the album all the time when I was a kid. How my mom got ahold of it, I have no idea.


That was funny as hell!


This gave me a few good laughs. Nice work merc (I couldn't pass up such a corny phrase =p)

Not exactly original but...

You did mention this as a personal tribute...I actually thought that this was one of the original series but then I read you're notes..I like it but it could have been better and you could have made your own personal touch there...

FoxShroomProductions responds:

Fair enough, and I thank you for your input. I'm unsure though how one could add a personal touch.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

It was ok

Kudos to the use of Chevy Chase