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Reviews for "Reiko Biker Girl (Hentai)"


where's the full thing???

Even the demo is awesome!

And everyone, please stop whining that it's only a demo! Do you think people make these games for free?

ROCKY787878 (a couple of reviews down) said it right. Game designers have to eat, too, you know. People aren't willing to pay for games as if the designers and companies are made of money. They're not. That type of thinking and piracy are why it's so hard to find good stuff.

Awesome game!


another cock teaser =/ but god that got me pretty horny great graphics and sexy facial detail!

amaazing!! o.0

ohh man that was awsome loved the art i friggen felt like i was the guy,but when it came to the end i was expecting a legendary end... then she left lol and i felt like i was the guy thinking

*damn i shoulda' asked for her number* i loved it ^^ i played it like 5 times purposely not wanting her ta leave :P

but why ?

this one is AWSOME but why this and many (ZONE-SAMA) gaimes say not in this demmo