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Reviews for "Reiko Biker Girl (Hentai)"

Excellent interactive DEMO

This interactive is an excellent introduction of the full version offered on the
author's website. Since the membership of the author's website is very cheap,
and the link is offered within the demo itself as well as on the author's profile,
I fail to understand why certain reviewers kept-on yelping about this interactive
is "not even a full game". To access the full game is simple: GO TO THE AUTHOR'S WEBSITE AND PAY FOR THE MEMBERSHIP.

Some reviewers have stated shameless that, they are "sick-n-tired" of the
author's demo-interactives stop on the "good part" (climax of the game);
however, they failed to even be grateful to ZONE-SAMA for even bothered to
place these demo-interactives here for those who do NOT even SUPPORT his
work by paying the membership on his website to access the full versions.

Unless those who yelped as aforestated are minors who cannot afford to
pay the membership and risk to be discovered their impersonations as adults,
I see absolutely no reason for any REAL ADULT to yelp about the demo is not
a full game. As for those minors pretending to be adults, they should not be
viewing nor reviewing this excellent demo designed for REAL ADULTS.

wow ppl are really wanting those demos

its a good game id like to play the full version but i have no acces to my bank or credit cards so yeah =_= the demos are ok but they do tease the hell out of ppl who done have acces to the credit cards whis in turns pisses them off


ur shit is good, can u just give us one full vr. plzzz . or at least add a new option on any of ur works.

Full Version!

http://2adultflashgames.com/f/f-reiko -1.htm



... are fucking with me?