Reviews for "New Female Force of Four3"

How could anyone miss the "Table of Evil?"

Great work as always, trix. Sprites can be limiting, but you always seem to get the most out of them. And the larger size eliminates one of the most annoying things about sprite vids--characters you can hardly see.

The "Table of Evil" was a fun way of establishing your villain, "There's everyday evil, then there's this guy."

Trixiaoyu responds:

Thanks for the Review! ^_^
Part 4 coming soon...

Great work yet again

You really are great with flash like this. One of my favorite flash artists with sprites. Well onto the main part of the review

Not much to say about them, since you just did sprite work, but for what it's worth. It's really well done.

Great style as always, getting really better as time goes by.

Music was well placed and the random voice clips were nicely put in too.

Was well placed, my only issues was how odd the blood dripping looked. Other than that, it was good

The menus were easy to follow and all worked so great job on that task. Even if that's not the main part of a movie, I like when menus work and aren't annoying to deal with.

The Dan part was funniest part of the flash. Was just so unexpected to see Sakura carjack Dan. Poor Dan, he gets no respect. And the "Table of Evil" made me laugh too. Great job on those parts.

All in all awesome flash work. Can't wait for the next part in this series or your next flash work. Keep up the great work.

Trixiaoyu responds:

Dan Got Car Jacked looooool!
I know he gets no respect!
Hmm... ok I'll try to change the blood effects for the sequel!

I cant believe that U spotted it:
"Table of Evil"
heh... didnt think anyone would notice!

Thanks 4 The Review! ^_^

wellw orth the wait

i have allways liked your work and waited eagerly for this and as usual you didnt disapoint now i just hope you reply to this hehe.... i might have to move you up to number 2 on my fave authors

Trixiaoyu responds:

Thank you so much! hehe...
Yea I know, Ive been kinda tied up with revision for exams and things so... yea, part 3 took a lil bit longer!

Thanks for the review! ^_^

Yahoo! Well done!

Woohoo! Now that's some wicked fast-paced, heart pounding, ass-whooping, insane movie! I laughed so hard when Sakura stole Dan's car! LOLz! May Lee PWND Freeman's ass and gave him a fatality! Two months of hard work and patience paid off huh! I enjoy this and Violent Ken has blood in his shirt! HAHAHAHAHA!!! TOTAL PWNAGE!!! I'll be waiting for part 4 now! Good Luck!

Trixiaoyu responds:

Woah, you've finally seen this huh!
Yea Maylee is strong and Freeman got pwned!
What do u expect, he was causing trouble!
Every wondered how all the characters just DISAPPEARED during the fight in the restaurant?! hehe...

Newayz Thanks for the Review Man!
Part 4 will be coming soon...
Maybe in like ANOTHER 2 Months loool!

Was that K.O.F. ?

I noticed a lot of chars from K.O.F. and many others I didn't know, were there other games you used as well? (I can't tell cuz I have roughly tried out the first 'sprited' KOF games)

And I did get a little chuckle from the restaurant brawl scene, cuz the guy said something like 'let's get outta here' but you made him say 'Omatase' which means 'Thank you for waiting' (Often used by waitresses when bringing the ordered dish xP )

Trixiaoyu responds:

'Omatase' means "Sorry to keep you waiting"
Yea Ur right! Hey, Its called Improvising Voice Acting!

Yes a lot of the characters in the Bus Chase Scene were from KOF 2001 - 2002!

Other Characters were from Last Blade 2 and Capcom games!

Thanks for the Nice Review!
Now that you've seen this... why dont u check out Ep. 1 and 2 lol!