Reviews for "New Female Force of Four3"


dan got robbed for his car i was exspecting a fight and this new team of dudes look badass awsome

Just Great,

This is a really great series. Great humor, great fights, great graphics, this is just a great flash series. The girls are cool but i dont really the choice of sakura. Good job though. Tobad the next movie has been pushed back more. Oh well keep doing what u do.

That was pretty awesome!

I really like sprite movies, and this one really picked up once the fights started. The battles were really cool and well done, except may be the blood effects which you could've worked on. Otherwise it was a great flash that was fun to watch.

Hell yeah

Violent Ken was bad ass!


great flash, man. you always seem to do good with using Street Fighter and other fighting game sprites.

hope to see your name on front page

i wish i could learn how to do some of this stuff