Reviews for "Pico the Kid"

well done

the fact that you stuck to the slides in the words was a good touch, and the use of music and timing was really good the mood of the song went well with what was happening. very good job

William's Overture...nice touch

The slides do make a difference....nice job

I like how it hit nene anyways

enough said.

p.s.q. was he throwing up or spitting out her blood?
p.s. you shoulda made subtitles not slides.
p.s.2.(lol) good work. ill give ya an 8

kabuki-robot responds:

He was spitting out her blood.

Slides do make artificial breaks in the story, but they seemed to be more in keeping with the theme of an old, black and white western.

Thanks, glad you liked it.


great can't beleave the train hit nene

It was made good but..

I think it's boring, i dont like old school.
But still it was nicly made^^ thats why i give it a 7