Reviews for "Pico the Kid"


That was just splendid to watch, i never thought i would get to see pico the way he was displayed here but thank goodness i got the chance to. The real key to your flash was the style, i don't know what it resembled more an old cartoon or an old movie, i think you added parts from each media and blended it together nicely. The character design for the main bad guy was the embodiment of evil which i loved and i thought it was really funny how he went through the wet paint before going into jail, although i could swear i have seen that in a looney tunes cartoon. The ending was really unpredictable which was fantastic. Overall the style made this great.


kabuki-robot responds:

I can't recall if the wet paint bit was used on someone about to be jailed, but it's been done to that cat in almost every cartoon with Pepe Le Pew in it. Glad to hear you enjoyed it, thanks!

For the win.

Very well done. Silent movies rocked, and yours captured the essence of what made them so, while still keeping true to our red-headed mascot.

Very nice, man. Keep it up.


Love it. An extremely well done classical television parady. Music fit the flash ans graphics perfectly. Plus, had some great Pico twists to it.

nice one

that was good all the way through, and the ending made me laugh so hard!