Reviews for "A Pico Thing"


it was very cool the movie was awesome evry bit of it
but casandra mutaded cause she is a penilinin or something like that if u dont get it play u.f.a here on newgrounds casandra was the leader of them

-bob robert c. (ikillasssholes)

ActiveObjectX responds:

well, then this is just an alternate version of pico ;)


Well firstly, i loved the way you took down the bad guy at the end there it was both cool and funny. What stood out the most to me in this flash was the way you went crazy with the camera angles, it actually made me feel like i was part of the action, it was just terrific. For a flash that doesn't have any voice acting i thought this did very well when it came to telling the story without any words. The music selection in the background suited this well. Overall i thought the action scenes really stood out in this.


ActiveObjectX responds:

teh nice!


i like it

ActiveObjectX responds:

cool, but you still gave me a 6 which means 4 of your points weren't give to me. WHY? IF YOU CALL IT GREAT AND YOU LIKE IT WHY NOT GIVE A 10?!?!!?


I dug it.

The animation was surprisingly very fluid, it had a nice flow to it. It's obvious a lot of work was put into this. The most glaring downfall (as has been pointed out before) was that Garageband sountrack. It was all over the place. A lot of cool stuff can be done with those loops, but they stuck out too much here. But it is a forgivable flaw in what is ultimately one of the better Pico day submissons thus far.

ActiveObjectX responds:

i am an animator and movie maker by trade. I spent the majority of my time on the animation itself and really wouldnt have had the time or focus to make a more decent soundtrack. I felt it was good enough to get the job done thou.

Good stuff

Good intro, I was wondering if it was the submission haha.
When I saw the real animation I thought 'wow'. It wasn't too short like most of the other pico day submissions I have seen so far.
I like the blam tank idea, most amusing. But the music seemed a little - strange? It was good but parts of it just seemed ot to fit with the animation.

ActiveObjectX responds:

yeah...the music is my least favorite part about this movie....oh welllllllll/