Reviews for "A Pico Thing"

I thought casandra was a girl!

Seriosly i thought she was a girl

ActiveObjectX responds:

She is, but she is also a guy(as seen in the final battle). When i made this i was only thinking of the 'final battle Casandra form' and not the orignal unaltered Casandra. My mistake. The proper changes in the prologue have been made.


very nice man. sorry bout the low interactivity and humor grade, but only interactivity was the start and replay buttons and it was more actiony than funny(cept for the "protection" part lol".nice movie overall with great graphics, style, sound fx(u really made some with your mouth?, and VIOLENCE!!!!!!

POWER TO PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ActiveObjectX responds:


some advice

if you make a sequel if he presses the Blammer button it like surrounds him with mechaincal armor and turns Him into the P-Bot of the portal.

ActiveObjectX responds:

thats not a bad idea at all! Thanks for the advice and fo the 10!


You have some great skills. Nice graphics, animation and (especially) plot. It was great, the only flaw was the premature ending of the song at the end. Other than that, wonderful...

ActiveObjectX responds:


The music was amazing :P

while the flash was very good, there were some... abnormalities in your animating, like where pico get hit up into the ceiling/wall and he seems to get crushed. I wouldn't count that against you though... otherwise I would of been a pretty up tight bastard.

ActiveObjectX responds:

squash and stretch my brother!