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Reviews for "Pico: Ready for Anything"


not worth the bother but it was ok nothing special now random numbers 1246665234884135465u8893473856 873578375897844756564672356724 565787823575663476534 and 1 u

Nice idea but...

As I see it,you just used graphics from the Mindchamber's preloader,and didn't even try to make your own pico....


aaaaaha! he kiloled a tankman dood by mestake!


It wasn't HORRIBLE but wasn't fantastic either. Definitely needs some original graphics, it looks like you just used the Pico Day preloader and turned it into a short movie.

well, it was ok

it was put together really well, and enjoyable, but i didnt like the fact that it looks like you just uses parts from the downloadable preloader. I would have thought more highly of it if you had drawn those things yourself. The plot was good thou