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Reviews for "Pico: Ready for Anything"


He just wanted to give him a card? Wow sucks to be him.


Well there's a lesson about being prepared.

It was...

9 stars worthy, good job.

Great idea, and well carried out visuals, only suggestion, define your own style za little bit

good luck on future submissions


^^Good Points^^
This was a pretty interesting movie. I liked the introduction to it, the graphics looked very clean and unique in this part. I have to say that the ending was kind of cool as well, and a little unexpected.

^^Needs Improving^^
Too much of this was just introduction text however. You could have sped that along a little bit or made the actual animated movie part of it longer.

Not very addicting...

Well it's a little fun. But REALLY boring.
Peace Out.


Jonimaster responds:

Thanks for your review!