Reviews for "Jim and Pals Shorts: Ep 1"

wait a minete

how the hell did jim stay standing hwen both feat where in the air?

Jimtopia responds:

Hehe, interesting that you noticed that.

Lol funny with jim changing music on the bully's Q

I once danced like she did when the barbie girl song was playing .WITH THAT SAME SONG IN FRONT OF MY FREINDS.lolz i like being funny.even though gay.

Jimtopia responds:

Lol, it's a great way to dance to that song.

Cant stop laughing

Fun and nice everything made me laugh

Jimtopia responds:

Cool, I'm glad you enjoy it so much.


the last thing was best


you are one of the bast authors ever garys my favrite

Jimtopia responds:

Thanks, glad you're such a big fan. :)