Reviews for "Jim and Pals Shorts: Ep 1"

that was funny!!!!

i luv the sarah one-Im a Barbie girl in a barbie world...its so perfect, after the depressed guy. Dude, you timed that prefectly! good job!

Jimtopia responds:

Thanks, I take great pride in my comedic timing.

Pretty Funny

I got a chuckle or three out of it.
Good job!

Jimtopia responds:

Glad you liked it.


^^Good Points^^
I liked this short. The introduction to it was pretty neat, and you changed the mood right after that, which was pretty funny. Liked the music, it was a great way to introduce the characters in this new series.

^^Needs Improving^^
The art wasn't very good at all. I wasn't too happy with you just having plain black backgrounds either. Having some type of background would have been much better.

Review Request Club

Jimtopia responds:

I was setting mood. And that mood was black. Lol, thx for the review.


This was an okay flash. It wasn't really good or really bad. I liked the jokes and how you put music for each one of the characters introductions.

Having said that, you could have added more of a background to the whole thing. You could make it a bit faster as I thought it went a bit slow.

Also, I thought nothing much happened, I know this is just an intro but you could have added a bit more action, it might have improved it. But overall an okay animation.

(Review request club)

Jimtopia responds:

Thanks for the review.

hmmm not bad

I dont really get the pont of this. But it was pretty funny. You did pretty good. keep it up!

Jimtopia responds:

Umm, thanks I will.