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Reviews for "Pico Speed Sketch"

Nice Job

Nice Pico drawing and I liked the stop-motion animation. Good job keep making stuff like this I like it. :)


As I can see, the animation of the creation of the sketch was done in stop-motion form, so it's easy to tell you put some time into the movie. The sketch itself is nice quality; it was simplistic, but the shading and all was neat. Your music choice isn't exciting, but it sounds pretty cool, and it matches the anniversary of the start of Pico's creation.

As a whole, the movie is somewhat unqiue. Not the best, but at least distinguished from others Pico entries.


lol i think ur a little early by say 4 months?

M4KBOT responds:

Nope, Pico Day is on April 30th, plus I like being early. Thanks for the review!

Pico would be insulted.

I must say, that drawing of Pico was pretty inaccurate. The hair, the mouth, the chin, none of it was quite right. I cannot protect this submission.

M4KBOT responds:

okay, but you missed out on a protection point.

This Flash is crunk fo shizzle!

I LOVE that new preloader!Where did you get it?
Nice drawing there and you´re right, the music fits perfectly!
But i think that there will be quite a few Pico submissions for Pico Day 07. But still, good luck to you!

M4KBOT responds:

Thank you very much, the preloader can be found on the Pico 07' Collection page.