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Reviews for "Pico Speed Sketch"


very nice, very nice indeed

Work on Shading...

I can see that you arent very good at shading or at least didnt do the shading very well in this picture, so work on fading out and not putting so dark of shading.

speedy AND sketchy!

nice piece you've got here, be grateful that you can not only DRAW with pencils, but also shade with them. Sadly, I can do neither, which is why I use a pen. :)

overall it was pretty good, when I went into it I was expecting a lesson on how to draw pico quickly, which would have been pretty awesome, but this was pretty cool too, as milinko said, the lighting was a little off at times, but that didnt really take away from it at all I dont think, and the music went really well with it. congrats on the collection!


lol, btw, Im sure your wondering why 10 for violence, but really, who's more violent than pico?


^^Good Points^^
These things are usually pretty cool, and it seems like you've had some experience making these, as it was very well made. The change throughout each frame, which had to be at least a hundred, was very uniform, creating a smooth looking animation.

^^Needs Improving^^
The lighting did change a bit throughout, which was kind of annoying, and could have been easily avoided.

M4KBOT responds:

Thanks for the review.

The light variations were caused because every time I went to draw a line and moved my hand back, the light would change and only go back after about 3 - 5 seconds. Considering there was about 800 frames in the movie, I wasn't always prepared to wait 5 seconds, so thats why. But one helpful reviewer told me how to get the light balance write, so it is more or less fixed now.


This movie is beautiful, keep it up!

PS: Tom Fulp would be very proud!