Reviews for "CC = place to B - Collab"


<3 Clock Crew 4 ever!

Athi responds:

^^ thanks :D

Oh you did not just smack the russian guy

Dude - first artist kicked ass with graphics and special effects. Then came the usual junky quality of clock collabs, but still it would hae got you a 4. But you little thubsucking bastards made a wuss of the one clock with balls big enough to oppose the propoganda of the west! Such atrocious felony does not go unpunished! Feel the wrath of my blam!

Athi responds:

First artist was me XP
Yep yep, girls do make decent flash movies too.

O_O * shocked*

i liked it... it was a desent/good promotional piece...i wasnt expecting that form cc.* no ofence most of teh cc stuff is... well to put it nicly, you do get some dimounds from that pile of poo, And this is one of them. i liek the tall tale heart one, and teh CC colab for that strange music video, event he one abotu the camping trip. i hope to see more interestingly cool videos from CC soon

Athi responds:

Thanks :D


Really good, but what was the BG music in CorpseGrinder's part?

Athi responds:

I'm not sure, but i'll ask him to send you a private messenge about it.


Now that was pretty damn good that was one of the better flash movies from the clocks but I do agree with chris 2003 the whole clocks thing is kinda overplayed im not hatin im just sayin sometimes you got to mix it up im not sayin to stop the clock thing intearly just make some more movies like the frist 3 tails and his GBA installments by Rubee Clock that was pretty cool

Athi responds:

Point taken :)