Reviews for "CC = place to B - Collab"


I'm sort of new here, so at first I was a little nervous about this whole clock thing. I vote on a lot of the stuff that comes through the portal, and in the beginning it seemed like a lot of the stuff that had clocks for faces was... well... crap. This animation was definitely the best clock-headed-thing production I have seen... ever. Corpsegrinderclock's other Frontpage animation was great, but I like this one for its unique styles, humor, and execution. Unfortunately, I was unable to give this gem a five because half of the stuff that was said suffered from what most animations with computerized voices suffer from: I could understand very little and that which I could understand was due to subtitles. Other than that, great job.

Athi responds:

Thanks for the nice review :)


The Clock Crew is the place to B.

Why didn't I hear of this collab in the first place?! :( :( :(

Looks like school HAS caught up with me.

Awesome collab anyway <3

Athi responds:


well in my opinion

teh funniest people or clocks were Dillclock with the farts and what i loved the 300 spoof and then the best of all wuz russian clock i love how he fucks every thign up :D and i know its flash but the way he drew his character actually made me feel sad for him :'(


Athi responds:

You didn't like my disney style XO
I'll cry now XD


Absolutely amazing.
Easily got my 5, also adding to my daily-fifen list.
Good thing I didn't participate in this, I would've felt so undermined by everyone who was in this' awesome flash talent.

The CC is the place to B! :D


Athi responds:


Awesome stuff!

The CC is realy the place to Be!

Athi responds: