Reviews for "Bubble Tanks"


wow,this game is simply the best shooter ive played here at NG.
the only impovement would be is what the other viewers said.

great game!

make another!


Great variety of ennemies, all with their own unique ability like spawning "fighters", or shooting big bubbles.
I liked especially the HUGE spider thing. Looked that it's fusionned with other ennemies to make this.
I wonder if there is any evolution after the shielded tank with the big bubble shot?

Ok, now a basic review:

Graphics: It's perfect!
Style: The evolution and the variety of ennemies is great.
Sound: Nice music and sounds.
Violence: Popping bubbles with bubbles!
Interactivity: It's a game, so... ^^
Humor: *don't know what to say but give an 1*

Overall: Did I mention it was great?


dude i can play this game all day long w00t gives me something to do when i macro on mmorpgs but yeah dude this is the shit i think i found my new alternative!

best game ever

and i don't just say that of every game.


supersticky13 said: bubbles+tanks=FUCKING AWESOMENESS.Diddo Holy mother of fucking GOD!