Reviews for "Bubble Tanks"


Like movie sequels, I think this is in fact the best in the entire series. This really works for me because you try to make it quite simple with how the tank gets bigger. It can get annoying when you have to get upgrades and when you do, the tank just becomes bulkier. This also seems to have really slick graphics as I love how smoothly the bubble tank can fire. While a simple game, there is still a lot of detail put into it. It's like your future stuff did not do as well because it tried to be more elaborate.

Everything about this is just cute. Apart from the premise of popping bubbles, you also get to hear that neat little "bing" sound whenever you pop something. This is the kind of game where you can really relax and just take your time. It's a bit repetitive, but still lots of fun. It just goes to show that the best things in life are simple.


I spend so much time collecting bubbles, I made it to the rapid fire gun several times, then enter the wrong bubble field and BAM its all gone :(

Orsome ^^

I LOVE this game! I am now addicted! my only snarky criticism is that when your tank gets so big, the small enemies just totally kick your ass. I reached the point when you get the shield as the first heavy tank you become, and I fully grew my shield, and fully lost it twice before moving on. The small enemies are either too fast or have too much health, I don't know, but other than that, a great game!


You know, the shooting system is easier than the new games. Plus, if you play this on a laptop, you can shoot three times as fast!


Really people? Your complaining that the second game is better? Well hurr durr! Its IMPROVED from the first game! This is exactly like saying "Wow! Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess is SO much better than the original!
This game is utterly fantastic. I thoroughly enjoy it. and if its at the point where enemies are one shoting you, than you just outright suck, i've been playing for a little over an hour as I write this review, and I've played this game many times in the past, and its a: easy as hell and b: beautiful.
I love this game, and I'm about to go try out arena :3