Reviews for "Bubble Tanks"

You've reached the end of the world, go back

few things this desperately needs:
1. a mute button, for the love of
2. P = pause
3. high score/submit score

some stuff that would be cool:
when you eventually get to the state with an orb around you, you should be able to keep growing untill you take up about 40% of the bubble arena you're fighting people in, then when you leave that arena bubble after killing everyone, instead of going into the one next you, the camera zooms out some and you get to start battling arena's, and so on. where the game would just be ever expanding.
I'd suggest keeping the screen clear of any interface (like it is). put all that extra junk in the start menu for when they hit pause (mute, current score, save game)

and maybe have a way to see how many bubble points you are away from leveling up again, cuz I'm like 110% sure I'm done leveling up right now, but there's no way to be sure, other than to go to every single room and kill everything (currently at the NW corner of the map). it doens't have to be represented numerically, like 150/500 or 85%, it could just be a big bubble with a little one in it that's slowly growing as you collect more bubbles from killin' stuff.

you should be able to eventually do everything that all your enemies can do, keep growing/evolving to adopt their powers, even have a red shell for a while (like when you're so big you take up most of the arena, just before you out grow it and start fighting the arenas). once the camera zooms out and you're so big you're fighting a room your next upgrade could take away the red shell, and those giant red bullets that come out of your butt wouldn't be so big compared to fighting the rooms you were just in. so the game could just continually evolve and grow, since the big bullets are now small, you can keep leveling up to bigger ones.

with a save function, you could save your character to come back and play where you left off, or even battle against other people in the online multiplayer zone to see who has the biggest strongest guy (there would be lots of room for ideas in multiplayer)

anyways, I'm full of ideas, hope some of those will help make something cool, but mostly, just put in a damn mute button

HeroInteractive responds:

Great ideas! Thanks, I'll definitely be thinking about them as I consider features for the sequel/expansion.

You can turn off sounds and music through the settings menu before you start the game. An ability to change these settings while in-game would be nice though.


wow this was really one of the best games i have eva played man....... Hope there comes a part 2 where u can even grow biggah.

lolz good luck(i have given a 0 for humor because it wasnt really funny and a 1 fr violance because its a game with bubbles... not very violent right)



Im coming to you about the legendary power forms of the game! using concentrate over and over will cause you to enter the second power form! guess evilludy.net didn't want us to know bout these! there are three forms:

1st form-your average form. you start in this form
2nd form- shown with red flames instead of yellow flames
3rd form- the ultimate power form: this baby kills almost anything in a single hit! (hint) shown with a black and red set of flames bursting out of your character! wicked!

great game

this is probably the game i've played the longest here on ng. loved the sfx and the evolving thing. a bit too easy though but it was still fun.

Excellent Game

I really like this game. It was easy to get into, it looked great, the music and sounds were very nice, and it was above all, fun!

My only problem with it was that it didn't become difficult enough. Yes, there appeared to be some sort of difficulty climb, with new and more challenging bubble enemies to face as I went on, but I was honestly never in any danger. I could even take hit after hit, and still collect enough bubble "health" from my fallen (popped?) enemies to never lose.

I quickly had my tank up to the highest point in its "evolution", and was never damaged enough to drop back down.

I would have liked to see some sort of "boss" tanks now and then. I saw some really big ones that looked like they might have been tough, but they still went down pretty easily (especially with my increased firepower), and they lacked enough firepower to put a dent in my armor.

Another thing that might go a long way to help this would be some sort of limit on the firing rate. Either a short delay between shots, or a metered limit on number of shots (either auto-filling after a delay, or filled by gathered bubbles) would cut down on the god-like ability to lay down an almost solid wall of firepower.

But, enough with the "constructive criticism". The game really was excellent. Just some room for improvement.