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Reviews for "Casino Night"

You know Sonic 2 Casino Night Zone...I think this one is better then the other. also the credits...Casino Night (Gurtair Version) Good one everyone must like that right?
You know this would get even better if you did this on the day that the made Sonic 2 Right?
And I also saw you in Sonic 2 ST 3 :D


That must happen every night that they go to the casino

Back then...

If it was 1930's America when a pop tart was so exspendsive it was for the rich so they could shove it down their throats while laughing in a middle class Americans face (but at the time the middle class american was a hobo) but even if they had like 50$ Bucks you would be Millionairess and you know millionairess back then the ones with 10 feet tall top hats and dress gloves whiter then Mary's goats flees(which would piss her goat of) and go to crazy "Shin-Digs" and offer money and take it back, those were crazy times so that's why we have 21st centery to keep away from those times.


y wuz tom the dealer

let that be a lesson

never drive home shnonkered