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Reviews for "Casino Night"

tord if u read my comment or edd from heaven i'll go noir style on life and find tord to help bring back eddsworld and edd if u read this i hope u reincarnate god please give edd another chance if u don't i'll try to carry his dream on

why wasnt it lucy who died he likes girl scouts

WHYYY???? WHHYY???? why did you have to die????? :'(

Missing you,Edd. But I gotta say I friggin LOVE your vids and will keep watching them.

It's videos like these that make me ache all the more for your existence. You were a growing artist with a blooming passion and desire for perfecting your art. Your future was bright, your jokes witty, and your talent impeccable. You will be dearly missed. Fare thee well, Edd. (For all those that don't know, the creator of this video died on March 25, 2012 after a long battle with leukemia. I thought he'd win. I hoped he'd win. We all did.)