Reviews for "Wake Up ~Revisited~"

not bad...

I like it ^_^ I sing toOOO

AisareneMusic responds:

Thanks :)

not bad, not bad at all. :)

Pretty neet, nice melody and nice lyrics, the vocals were tooo high pitched, and i don't say this to be mean in all honesty i think if you brought the pitch down you maybe wouldnt sound like a 4 year old girl :o

lyrics 10/10
music 10/10
vocals 5/10... work on it o.o

AisareneMusic responds:

Well, I am a girl yah know. As for the pitch...trust me lol it doesn't sound right on any other level. Nonetheless, maybe you'll like my other songs, the pitch isn't so high on them. Nonetheless, thanks for the review :)

Not bad!

Yeah, I like your voice, but it feels like Xayro hasn't exploited all possibilities for this song yet. It feels a bit unfinished/repetitive to me. But that could be just me though. ;)

Oh, and I like the lyrics!

AisareneMusic responds:

Actually, we've recently been talking about re-making both Wake Up and Raver Girl, as they're older files of Xayro's and he's learned a lot since then as have I vocally. He's very busy with his album now, so we'll see what comes in time. Until then, thank you for liking my voice and lyrics. This song means a lot to me and it warms my heart to hear someone say that.

Peace & Bass,