Reviews for "Wake Up ~Revisited~"


So I was listening some songs on newgrounds and doing some other stuff when I clicked on this song. And really, I've listened it for 3 hours straight and didn't even realize it until then. It's just... amazing! Thanks! :)

AisareneMusic responds:

Wow, thanks :D. I love hearing things like this. Gives me warm fuzzies.

All the best,
Peace & Bass,



AisareneMusic responds:

Thank you :)

i just love it. the voice, the beat, everything! *-*
oh i love the voice! so nice. cute and beautiful! *~* <3

heyy not too bad (:

great tunes and lyrics (:

buttt i'd lay off the auto tune a little bit (: its good for a few bits but not continuously throughout the whole song (:

overall; great job; 5/5 9/10


AisareneMusic responds:

Thanks. The autotune on the level it is is the best way to fit the song. It doesn't sound right with any less. Maybe you'd like some of my less autotuned songs? :)
Thanks for the comment!


It's perfect, but why OH WHY didn't you say:

Tonight's the last night that we get to spend together,
Because in the morning you'll be gone, forever,

Why'd you just say the word "gone" for 2 beats? It would have rhymed perfectly, TOGETHER and FOREVER. I listen to this song everyday, and it would have been perfect if that lyric was fixed.


AisareneMusic responds:

When I was first doing the song, those were the original lyrics. If I remember right, the word forever didn't fit in right with the pentameter. When we do the final version of the song, I'll try again and see what I can do. :P
Thank you though for the positive review :) <3

Peace & Bass,