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Reviews for "Billy Blue Fish"

Fun, addicting......strange.....

This kind of game could keep a person with ADHD occupied for hours! There's not very much to critique in this game. It's the right length, it has checkpoints, the controls are good, it's not impossibly hard yet hard enough...etc. Very nice job.

For anyone stuck on the helicopter part...you can bypass the missiles by hugging the ground and moving yourself to the left of the screen.

what a crazy game

First of all, you dont see many side shooters in which you're moving to the left, so props on that. This game is trippy as hell, I found myself laughing at nearly all the opponents and backdrops, very original. Nice job, overall. Only suggestion would be to make so that the fish can take multiple hits before losing a life.


lol, thats the tripiest game iv ever played, fun too, i need to get that song "duh duh duh duh duba duhya!" lol, music was the best part

Stupidity+Pop culture=Awesome

This game scream PARODIUS!!! all over the place. Your lucky, because Parodius is one of my favorite game.

And with that I have to say that you, Sir, have mastered the art of combining Mona Lisa/Rambo/La Macarena/Giraffe/ and a blue fish.

I'm sure it will be the funniest things I will play today.

Thanks for the great game and the wet pant.
Peanut"I kicked Rambo ass today"Boy


This game really makes me laugh. The Bosses were gr8, the graphics were gr8... everything was gr8:D