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Reviews for "Billy Blue Fish"

this is what u see when ur high

when ur hiigh u see this every single second... its awsome


awesome game
fighr versus rambo,mona lisa,and pis tower that`s crazy

Just...Just wow

This game continues to bring the excellence of moslin and also continues to make us wonder what the hell is wrong with you

Wiesi responds:


so cute! :) so fun!

i luv Billy! i luv this game! :) :) ;)


suitable for all audiences... haha

total acid trip scenery and stoner foods for collecting...

like theres no underlying message haha

good game as well as just about all the others on mausland entertainment people not familiar with this company should really check it out.

good job mausland, you keep me entertained.

Wiesi responds:

lol thx for the review!