Reviews for "Mission: Implausible"

nice one

Nice movie! Hope theres a sequil out soon

this is god like!

Humor of so many kinds... please cont.!!!
Bjork and Portishead... yeah!
You are so awesome!

Kicks all arse

And this isn't in the top 5.. why??

it was pretty good

Note for the future: the clicking forward in the dialogue was pointless, if the user isnt even gonna get a choice of whats gonna happen then no need to have the user click anything, it was basicly a movie.

it started out alright, the jokes from the cliches were old, but i gotta say, britney completely redeemed it, i was laughing my ass off for that one

Superbly made

This is a testament to what can be done with a little bit of thought, time and effort. Although it looks a bit dated by today's standards, it's still damn good. The only things I'd say that are negative is the sound can get annoying, and it's rather long without much plot progress.