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Reviews for "Bills Adventures EPS 0"


I thought it was pretty funny but some of the animation wasn't too good, for example they didn't walk. They just slided across the floor. The voices sounds a bit muffled but still understandable.

I did like it overall though.

Pretty damned good

Damn pretty damn good for a first time flash. It was longer then the other noobs who make 10 second flashes. Funny all through out and the mouths were even synced with the dialogue. Can't wait for the next one.

awesome toon bill, lol.

awesome awesome awesome, can't wait for ya next toon to come out... I SEEN A BIT HAHA!

Why no walking animations?

The animation was pretty good in places, so why didn't you make a walking animation for the characters? It would have improved the quality quite a bit. Overall it was pretty good; the artwork wasn't that great but the sound quality and the rest of the animation was fairly good


i absolutely love it hyper funny i keep wee'ing myself lol KEEP EM COMIN