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Reviews for "Bills Adventures EPS 0"


I dare say this deserves a higher maturity rating. "Elmo's suckin'me off!" lol

I didn't like the voices but the plot was great :D

wow you call that funny?

cuz i call it halarious!!!!!

Psychotic-Dan responds:

Then Whats with the 7? I thought you liked me... Wah!! LOL!!
just kidding but Damn this post is OLD!!


I thought it was pretty funny but some of the animation wasn't too good, for example they didn't walk. They just slided across the floor. The voices sounds a bit muffled but still understandable.

I did like it overall though.

cool one

that was a cool animation, and nice for a first animation as well. the graphics were nice, good characters and audio, decent humour and entertainment and your efforts were nice. you do have some nice potential, so i look forward to seeing more from you in the future.

Why no walking animations?

The animation was pretty good in places, so why didn't you make a walking animation for the characters? It would have improved the quality quite a bit. Overall it was pretty good; the artwork wasn't that great but the sound quality and the rest of the animation was fairly good