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Reviews for "Melancholia (House Mix)"


Thanks for sending this to me. I checked it out a while back, but couldn't get away from it (its so addictive), so I had to review. Really loved that violin. It fit in perfectly.

PrEmoEffect responds:

Thanks. Glad you liked it. Hope to hear from you soon.


67 votes with a fricken 4.97!!

So, who would wish to bet with me who will get into top 5.

PrEmoEffect responds:

Haha, didn't happen. You can write a check for $50 to... haha jk.

very nice man

what did you use to make the synths?

PrEmoEffect responds:

Haha, thanks. It's sylenth all the way.


I'm feeling a bit sad lately, and this song really expresses my feelings. perfect song, Melancholia...

PrEmoEffect responds:

Yeah, there's something about depression that's so nice sometimes. Thanks for the review. I owe you one (actually, 3)


for some reason when i first heard it, it kinda relaxed me and commanded at me to download it ,and i did :D

PrEmoEffect responds:

Don't worry, that's not awkward at all... but I feel that the only appropriate response is an awkward one: I'm glad you liked it? :p