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Reviews for "Wigglytuff on the Moon"

Oh shi-----

Dude that was hilarious. Was that a nude lion??? Next time slow it down a bit. My head still hurts....

Hoogiman responds:

What an amusing piece of gabuldury we have here.

i like ur name

OMG I LOVE UR NAME!!!!! Hoogi!!! dats my name (nick name) and i spell it hoogie BUT OH WELL!!! oh and i like ur flash

Hoogiman responds:

yay <3

Well lets see

This was alright, you have animutation potential I can see.

The pictures zooming up slowly over the seizure background was a little boring.

Overall, nice, I give it a seven.

Hoogiman responds:

And plus, she wouldn’t hate us that much to hire an axe-wielding ninja to write political propaganda on all of our clothing, write death threats on the walls and change our alarm clocks to try and get us to leave three hours later.


... what was that?

Hoogiman responds:

It wasn't Sonic Hentai, unfortunately for you.

The 3 words i have to say bout this entrie:


Hoogiman responds: