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Reviews for "Wigglytuff on the Moon"

Could've stood to be a little longer...

Other than that, it was OK. I like your sense of uniqueness (Wigglytuff hasn't starred in anything I've seen as of yet).

By the way, what's the name of the song?

Hoogiman responds:

Puffy Ami Yumi- Kokoro Ni Hana

WOW! Your good at this

I always loved animutation. Your brilliant at it. Are you sure your not the guy who invented it? (I loled at the Grinch pic.)

wierd and funny in a way

it was really funny i liked it the the japenese/chinise music was funny to

RaNdOm ShIt

Taht waz funnie! End review


5 on humor cause I was just to damn confused to tell what was going on. Well, these mix type of flashes always look weird, but thats usually what the artist is looking for. Well, lets see what else you got, I am intrested to see.