Reviews for "Park my car"


i cant even beat the first level wow just wow

Complicated, and not very good at all

Graphics: 10/10
Yes. You have good graphics. Hurray.
Entertainment level: 2/10
I can't have fun while I'm having a ton of trouble just trying to work the car.
Originality: 8/10
Yeah, Its original enough.
Notes: The game is too hard to enjoy, and the way controlling works makes it frustrating.

Overall Rating: 4/10


dude this sucks so bad the controls are sensative and the dog ran into me not me running into the dog a terrible game to play if you dont have superhuman reflexes seriously


I've seen a billion of these kind of games before, and the controls were too sensitive. A little bit too picky on the ____ thing. You should also have infinite lives.


this game is way too hard for my standards and no offense but kinda boring