Reviews for "Park my car"


You may all hate me for this and call me a noob and stuff but i really did not like this game at all its good graphics but naaaaa i don't like the game.


Suddenly people shoot at you :o
Excellent anyhoo, much better than the other 'parking' games :)

Great game!

Even though it was a remake of Parking Perfection, it was very well done. I liked it a lot and I like the idea, obstacles and all. What I didn't like was that the car moved a bit too fast I think; just my opinion though. Great game!

great but...

this game was really well done, love the concept, it has its challenges as well but the only thing is the second level even when the car is standing still, the dog walking into the car counts as a crash, thats only the really bad thing i have to say about it

A very good game.

I wish I could have said a great game, but there were some glaring errors. One, there was no restart button to take you back to the main menu, just a button to submit a high score, that was the biggest problem. The graphics were great, as was the sound, though I think every game should have an option to turn off the music, even though I liked it in this one. The controls were really challenging, but that's okay, I've dealt with stuff like that before. I really like to finish a game before reviewing it, but this one was quite hard, but not unfairly so. Though I didn't beat it, I still say it's a good game, and with a little sprucing up it could be a great game.