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Reviews for "Love Dating Sim 2"

ummm the one thats not on this one the boy version

well it said its got stuff like the movies but in the second one it dont why?
soz i took off a point cus that :(

once again in love

this is a marvelous game, i always fall for fantom. i dont even bother to try to get with the other guys. i love the style of the game, its simple but with an incredible story. thanks for putting this on new grounds so we could play it!

btw- i must say jenna is great in the next game. :)


At least one of the dates should like you more if you DON'T wear makeup. No straight man likes makeup. Makeup is a LIE. Get rid of that shit.

Game was okay.

dont like this game

this game is boring and the fact you cant turn the music off (well i couldnt anyway) just makes it worse. not wure how i managed to play it for the 10 mins i did. if you could have a button to get rid of the music but keep sound effects in it would be a lot better and i could give it a much better score


Wowza, aweSOME! I loved the ending with Fantom, it was hard to get but it was worth it. I take it he got free?

I believe the cheatcode is: sharp <---Entered more, the better. It's just to increase hp however.