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Reviews for "Orbis Impetus"


Cool idea, but for me, using the arrow keys for that game was like playing an FPS on a console. Woulda been so much better if you'd used the mouse

Control is nice, but it's just no fun.

I played, then found myself at Game Over. It didn't really convince me to want to keep trying and getting a high score. Visuals were very nice and it sounded pretty good. It was a good concept, but there was no real fun in it.

perty gewd

its alright but wen i got to level 6 there wernt ne circles wuts up with that?

ummm... nice

not much to do.

Is it me or you actually added some physic effects??.

reminds me of the old snake games :P

try changing music when leveling up, it gets a little ennoying after some levels

needs bit of inprovement but it's a well done job


could be better i think it should have controls like the snake games cz it was tot annoying to actually go by the up down and blah blah blah but yea switch controls