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Reviews for "Orbis Impetus"

meh.... nuthing special.

well, as said in the title, it's nothing special, but it kept me entertained for a little. i give you credit for trying, though. all in all it wasn't really all that bad, just kinda boring, no offense. ;)

nothing new

nothing really new here. got annoyed by the white circles that flee and the fact that you can't use the mouse.

very nice except for one thing

great game cool concept nice graphics.. but one thing was odd.. it felt very very sluggish.. i know it's not my comp cause i was able to change direction on a dime. just felt like when i was moving in a straight line i should have been moving faster.


^^Good Points^^
The coolest part of this was the visual effects. Every level saw different colors in the circles and different sizes, that varied every time you collected them all. The music was cool, and I liked how the circles also had different personalities. Some were faster, and some ran away from you.

^^Needs Improving^^
I don't really like the controls, they just feel very awkward to me. You should have had direction controlled with the mouse and then the up button moving you forward.

Dude, Props.

What else can I say? I can see some wicked AS and time went into this, totally amazing physics. The one thing you may want to reconsider is the whit balls being able to travel behond the stage because a few never came back. Sequal maybe?

PS: W00T 61st place!