Reviews for "Giggly Pops"

Pure slimy bliss

Sharp animation, nice dynamic coins and a challenging twist on the usual bubble shooter genre. Silas always comes through with the goods, and once again this is no exception.

Very Addictive

I loved this game, It reminds me of Snood, But a little more updated. It was really nicely done.

it's alright

the game is a little challaging if you don't lin them up just right you lose the game

Great game!

Very fun and addictive game. The only reason I didn't give it 10 is because it seems to be a demo rather than a full game.

Loved it.

Brings back memories of my life wasted in arcades playing Puzzle Bobble *sniffle*

The laughing did get annoying though, but I can always push mute if I have to - I have the Puzzle Bobble soundtrack somewhere in my music folder to load up if I needed it :)