Reviews for "Giggly Pops"

it was fantastic like how do they do it???

it was fantastic like how do they do it???

Loved it

i got 58,000 before it told me to upgrade :( great game, reminded me of bust a move only with a twist :) cant really think of anything to improve it, maybe some diffrent modes, like being able to play for as long as you can with diffrent speeds?

I like the idea of being able to aim where you can put it, made it easier. maybe you could have an option to turn it off for those pros lol


nice game , nothing so special but still good , but i definitely couldnt play with the volume on.... why were these things always laughing anyways ? well , keep up the good work.

Very nicw, but...

It's an enjoyable game (with original details) and has a very funny fact of describing those little..... things...
Sound should realy be improved....
- the music fits, but is realy repetitive and anoying
- the laughter is anoying as well, but if you want to keep it you should have more types of them

The worst detail of the game is the fact that it's a demo => the overall score