Reviews for "Chrono Trigger - Corridors"


pretty good i like the melody of this so soothing

ZombiePosessor responds:

great, im glad you liked it


i like this version, sounds almost japanese or something, the tombo style intruments rock, great job

Almost Awesome(:

I can see youre making good music by just listening to this song. The guitar was very good, the melody, the drums, the bass, well everything was composed very well! But i think you should put more bass in the percursions and the bass. Because it sounds a bit empty. Once you did that this song is awesome!
OR 8: Chrono Triger songs have been remixed alot of times..
DI 10: Youre awesome at diversity(:
CL 7: I didnt like the empty feel in the percursion and bass.
EF 9: The composiong was awesome, but there really is alot more of things to work on as an artist.
OV 9: I wished i could give you a ten for this. I almost never give a 0(only for stolen ware), but i almost never give a ten either. So you know what to do to get one: equalizing;) Good luck in your music future(:

ZombiePosessor responds:

Yeah, this was an older song, so there's no EQ work because @ the time I made this I had no idea of EQ'ing. Thanks for the solid review, this is what I wanna see more of!