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Reviews for "Hook Shot"

rip off aleart

this is a rip off of that zipline game on maxgames

very fun

I love it, it is very well put together and very addicting

its really fun on wii

this was awsome on the wii and because its zelda even better 5rlz

Very fun and very addictive

I wunna know how far you have to go before you get to a new level please. i just need that other wise great game make one with better graphics and more people

pixelz responds:

500 meters to lvl 2, 1000 to lvl 3 and 2000 to lvl 4 and it keeps progressing. Stops at lvl 9 but you can still keep getting further. A friend of mine found the glitch and kept it going for 50, 000 meters at school. I was thinking about making one with Samus actually.

good but one flaw

it was realy good i just like this kind of game but if link goes backwards the camra dosent follow

pixelz responds:

Indeed, the camera will only go to the right, in all hopes that you keep up a pace or continue going forward. I thought it was just fun to swing around anyways. Well glad you liked it and thanks for the review!