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Reviews for "Hook Shot"

a nice short addictive game

at first i was a bit confused but once i read the instructions i realized it was a good game overall i was just expecting it to become harder over time like shorter tree branches but after a while i realized i was only going to lose when i zoned out at lvl 3

pixelz responds:

lvl three actually has a virtual curse in it, so when you reach it you die lol.
Thanks for the review!

1219 mts! i could of done better -.-

I really liked the game is quite adictive but its kinda hard to see when links goes to high in the skies so i just cliked in the hope of survival and i realize the lvls dont get dificulty up, its the same as lvl one

but the game is really good if u fix stuff like back ground graphics and maybe even more dedication time it could become a hit

=D wohoo hookshot

pixelz responds:

The difficulty does go up actually, by lvl 3 you notice it. And more time lol, I made it in 3 hours! hehehe, and the background is like that because a background would overlap the chain becase the chain is drawn in actionscript, so I guess I could look into fixing that... but it would be like impossible.
Thanks for the review!

Great idea!

But the major problem is with your camera... half the time I'd die would be due to my not know where Link was until it was too late. If you could keep Link centered in the camera, then this game would be worthy of the title of Kick-Ass. Also a minor gripe, a background would be cool, the olive green does pretty well. Jus a personal perfernce thing I guess.

pixelz responds:

The background is something to do with the actionscript of drawing the chain, a background thats not flash defult would overlap the chain, and that would make the game worse rather than better. And link just goes over the vines, if he does that just grapple onto a vine at watch link kinda get stuck in it then release and let him fall a bit then continue grappling, that will save you from dying.
Thanks for the review!

Ok concept, but needs some work.

Graphics are ok but not great. The concept is fun, and the game works fine for the first few swings. However, a big improvement would be to set the scrolling so that Link was always in the middle of the screen. After a few swings, the scrolling was so slow that I couldn't see where Link was, much less make another shot. So, not a bad idea, but the setup still needs a bit of tweaking. 2/5

pixelz responds:

When you can't see link, its because hes far above the vines, in that case I suggest grappling to a vine and pull him to it, then release to let him fall back under. I got to a skill where I swung like spider-man for a while under the vines it was fun. And the graphics are simple to reduce lag, and if I added too much detail to link, it would look bad. Because the character is so small on the screen (for gameplay) that all kinds of facial details would kind of distorte the image. Thanks for the review!

Not a bad effort. Bit flawed, but pretty good!

Yo! I getting used to like your game.
Though I have a bad dislike after first few tries, but I grown to love your gameplay and concept in this flash game. Though it remind me greatly of Bionic Commando and Super Metroid's Grapple Beam, this is pretty a fun game to play and try to challenge yourself for longest distance. Here are my takes:

Graphic: Meh. It's okay. Link, forest, and hookshot could look better, but they get the job done.

Style: Not much of style. Too simple for my taste

Sound: Now we are talking. The music is an excellent choice for frantic gameplay and insane challenge! Fun to listen to while playing, humming even!

Violence: Not much. Only landing onto thorny vines. Good thing we don't get to see the pain Link have to endure when landing onto the horrible prickly vines!

Interactivity: Good use of hookshot and the swinging mechanic. I also like the idea that if your swing is too large, you suffer the consequence of hitting the thorny vine. What I hate is that when Link released the hookshot and shot up above the forest, you cannot see him and unable to use hookshot, but I guess you could take advantage of large distance covered and when he fall, he fall pretty fast and I hate it when i missed the chance to swing again! Darn it! Or maybe that is your design choice, trying to give pro/con to this? Either way, your gameplay balance is pretty well done, except for shooting into sky.

Humor: Not much. But I laugh when I fall onto vines and the crashing/booming sound came after it. Dunno why, but it feel funny that way :3

Not a bad effort, though you should improve some area. Make the game looks better if you could and fix the swinging physic if you could since some releases are unrealistic. Overall, I hope this game get pass the judgment cause I gave you 4/5!
Keep improving and keep going!

-Avek Vaer the Fire Lizard

pixelz responds:

Wow thanks very much! Now I must say first of all I made this game in 3 hours. And I kept the graphics simple to reduce lag and if I added more detail to link it would look bad because his character is so shrunk. And the swinging physics focus on your release time, going above the vines is when you release at a key point, if you get frusterated with going above, after a alot of testing I got used to a technique and started to swing like spider-man without going above, but still couldn't get passed lvl 3. And I love that song, I'm gonna keep making zelda games just to use that song, theres another good one too that I've got on my mp3 player. If I made a sequal which I probably will, I'll improve graphics and add more obstacles to increase the challenge. Very glad you liked it, and thanks alot for the awsome review!