Reviews for "Action Klaus Xtreme"

It's extreme!

The accent makes it sound sophisticated!

By the way, I usually vote high in reviews. If I dislike a movie I will vote it low but not review it. People think that voting low in a review is bad. They want everything to happen behind the author's back.

that comment was not related to your cartoon, just a thought I was having.

good one

that was a pretty good animation. very amusing to say the least, nice drawings, interesting characters and it was pretty good to watch. you call this one "bad acting"... i beg to differ, it was a little strange overall, but i thought it was pretty good. i enjoyed this animation. i hope this one wins an award.

The world's most hateable character

Honestly, I don't know why I love this character. He is absolutely nothing or in no chance who I want to be; yet, you direct him in such a way that makes him a memorable character.

All I have to say is you really didn't make him a hero but you bizarrely mesmerized us with his catchy stupidity. This is not an easy character to sell but you did it.

On the other hand your ability to animate is by far beyond most users on the internet.

This is really good

This should go to front page, it is really funny.


Pretty funny. The I only thing i have to whine about was the lack of different facial expressions.