Reviews for "Action Klaus Xtreme"

1 of the the top 20 funnist crap iv ever seen

"whats this?a near death experience?"
fricking master mind

Wrong rating

This should be rated 13 and up instead of all audiences for mild language and mild adult themes.

Klausselhoff responds:

Yes, you're right. Guess I forgot about that.

Good stuff

Funny...you look like shit

Great Work

Amazing,crazy and funny flash ! Made me laugh hard an heavy ;-) The names are choosen good too *lol* Nice animated,and the story line was perfect X-) Gute Arbeit,mehr davon bitte *g* ;-)

Glad I watched the whole thing.

Because it started with a "Do you remember that time..." Family-Guy-style joke, I was afraid that I wasn't going to like the cartoon, but I'm glad I stuck it out. The rest turned out to be really original. The fast-paced delivery of jokes kept the cartoon from slowing down or becoming boring. I also didn't think it was "random" so much as it was "ridiculous", which is the kind of humor I like.

And I especially liked the "That's funny to me" line at the end :D Got a laugh out of that.