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Reviews for "A Random Generator"

I gave it a 5 cause i want it to go through

ok well here is my favorite random sentence "Perkins in the nude and uncensored late last night but I didn't get to watch it cause I was in the bed asleep" hope that helped ya


it was very limited but then again most generators are,,, "the bench growled at the bench" you should try avoiding using the same word in different sections,,, can lead to flaws like that,,,, the word generator was creative but pretty much a waste seing as there was only 3 and 4 letter words being generated,,, good try, but it's been done too,,,


The retard destroyed the sky

nuff said, funny stuff mate

hehe lol

i like the idea, the sentence made me laugh, you wonder what they said to me?
the retard
just got
From me


I'm gonna be honest with ya... the word generator is crap... needs help bad. but the sentence generator was rather entertaining. i got the sentence "the homework destroyed the tree" and... that made me laugh for a few seconds... ahh... pulling environmental issues from a random sentence generator.. priceless...