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Reviews for "A Random Generator"

funny sentences

pretty funny if you pushed the button enough my fav was "the child pissed on the tv"


Although you had to push the button quite a number of times before you got anything decent, it was definetely worth it!

"The fire smelt the fat guy"


This thing made me laugh alot.

The piano cut open the baby-
The Monkey crapped on the retard-
The paper thought about the sky-
The Monkey Pissed on the stool-

Sentence random generator is good.

The word generator not so much. I laughed at some of the sentences from the sentence generator.

"The paper pissed on the stool"
'The CD growled at the pear"
"The PSP watered the internet."

Work on the word generator but keep the sentence generator.

"the baby screwed the monkey"!

Ha, Ha, This was ok but add stuff like a background and try resubmiting it.