Reviews for "The December Calendar"

excellent idea

this should definetly be in the christmas '06 collection. Todays movie was pretty funny. I cant wait for the next one tomarow!

P.S. Can you do another one next year?

notorious responds:

Thanks and glad you'll return to this! I think i might do one next year, the only thing is i HATE putting deadlines on stuff and it's really pissing me off so maybe. we'll see.


Sorry, couldn't resist.

notorious responds:


Preety clever

This is one of my favorite flashes!

I hope this does go into the christmas 06. And I also love how you put a new day every day! :)

your clever, clever clever clever!!! :D

notorious responds:

teehee thanks!


Endlich. Ein richtiger Adventskalendar im Internet. Wo bleibt nur die Schokolade?

notorious responds:

Sie kommen an dem zweiunddreizigsten Dezember.

bar dinny goo goo!

this is koooool. it shoudl be on the christmas list. you have a great variety of styles. keep it up!