Reviews for "Magical Trevor 4"


<3 it so f**king much


I don't know. The first is still really catchy but all the others have just been lackluster and not very catchy, lyrically speaking.

Oh Weebl, why? T_____T

I still love Magical Trevor, but the last two were...not good. ;_; Whyyyyyy??? The song isn't really all that catchy this time...


The graphics were the best yet, no doubt about that, but when I watch a magical trevor video, I want to hear a song that gets stuck in my head that I can walk around singing. This song's melody was lame and completely un-memorable, lacked the charm of the other three and was just random for the sake of being random. It's saddening that this series ended on a bad one.

WIcked Awesome.

I like the lyrics to this one, although I definitely don't like it as much as I liked the 1st and 2nd.