Reviews for "Magical Trevor 4"

Like an all another past series

It's very very good :3 But is that's the end of Magical Trevor???
Even no grand finale? Or that's it?


Not as good as the past ones, but I like it still. The graphics and the plot is fun, but the song was okay at best


Its got great animation, great music and originality. I love the fact that the Kraken's first name is Jim. My nefew loves this song.......

A bit odd

As is usually the case, the flash was fundamentally great, with exciting animation and graphics. The sound was good, though it was not as catchy.

A couple things caused me to take a couple points off. A magical toe does seem a bit silly, even by Trevor standards, but more importantly, there wasn't really a trick. He can make a cow disappear, shrink a chinchilla, but nothing to the pig? Made it a bit less enjoyable for me.


The pigs are painfully cute